Sunday, January 20, 2013


For my first post since the winter hiatus I am going slightly off topic in that I am not directly mentioning companion animals.  Instead, I want to know . . . just what happened to the AFLAC Duck?

Were these injuries the result of some over-zealous, but incompetent PETA representative attempting to enforce a belief that death is preferable to exploitation? And, if so, did they ask the duck if it chose to represent this company or was it forced?

Was the duck a victim of someone, say a farmer, who believes that animals should know their place, and television stardom is not their place?
Perhaps the injuries are the result of an escape from a care and protective services “shelter” that had deemed the duck unadoptable?  After all the duck has in previous appearances shown itself to be rather strong-headed, independent, and even aggressive in getting its point across!

Could the injuries be self-inflicted; a result of the stress inflicted by being a public personality?  After all, everyone has read of stardom leading to what seem to be psychotic breaks or self-destructive behavior! Was the constant pressure to perform the breaking point or, possibly, did the realization that he was a phenomenon, a special individual, living a life of luxury while his fellow non-humans were being slaughtered for the crime of being homeless just too much to stand!

Undoubtedly, we will learn the truth in the near future.  But will this revelation be just another stunt by an enthusiastic but uncaring PR advisor? Let’s hope we get to hear the real story from the true victim . . . the duck!

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